March 2021 Volume 32 | Issue 33

March 10, 2021

Aloha. E komo mai.
Hilo Bay
Service Above Self
Wednesdays at 7:00 AM
Online (Zoom meeting)
P.O. Box 11506
Hilo, HI 96721
United States of America
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Lorraine Davis
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New Logo for Rotary Year 2021-22

Volunteers needed!

March 17, 2021 Meeting
  • Pledge of Allegiance:   Mary Begier
  • Inspiration:     Curt Sharp
  • Birthday Song:   Minions
  • 4-Way Test:   Paula Uusitalo

Upcoming RCHB Meetings

  • Wednesday, March 17 -- Vocational Day -- Guest Speaker is Dawn Pung
  • Wednesday, March 17 -- Board of Director's Meeting, immediately following the general meeting
  • Wednesday, March 24 -- Guest Speaker is Mark Merriam -- Myanmar UpdateGuest Speaker TBD
  • Wednesday, March 31 -- Guest Speaker TBD
  • Wednesday, April 7 -- Maternal and Child Health Month, Guest Speaker is Terri Lum, East Hawaii Children's Justice Center
  • Wednesday, April 14 -- Guest Speaker Past DG Win Shoneman -- Rotary Legacy
  • Wednesday, April 21 -- Vocational Day, Guest Speaker is Misa Sato
  • Wednesday, April 21 -- Board of Director's Meeting, Immediately following the general meeting
  • Wednesday, April 28 -- Guest Speaker is Curt Sharp
  • Wednesday, May 5 -- Youth Service Month, Guest Speaker TBD
  • Wednesday, May 12 -- Guest Speaker TBD
  • Wednesday, May 19 -- Guest Speaker is Jessica Histo, Hawaii Diaper
  • Wednesday, May 19 -- Board of Director's Meeting, Immediately following the general meeting
  • Wednesday, May 26 -- Guest Speaker TBD
  • Wednesday, June 2 -- Rotary Fellowship Month -- Guest Speaker TBD
  • Wednesday, June 9 -- Guest Speaker TBD
  • Wednesday, June 16 -- Vocational Day, Guest Speaker TBD
  • Wednesday, June 16 -- Board of Director's Meeting, Immediately following the general meeting
  • Wednesday, June 23 -- Guest Speaker TBD
  • Wednesday, June 30 -- Induction of New Officers -- stay tuned for more information

Other Rotary Meetings and Invitations

Forward from James Tyrin regarding club social.
District Happenings
A series of D5000 Rotary webinars is available for your viewing, either live or recorded.  You can also find ton of webinars in the Learning Center at
D5000 Webinar Recordings:
Business Assistance webinar recording:

Mark Your Calendars

District Conference 2021

  • Will be held for the first time in Hilo commemorating 100 years of Rotary on Big Island on May 14, 15 and 16, 2021.  The event is now 100% virtual.  Volunteers who have skills in videotaping and virtual platforms are requested.  Please contact Alan Kusunoki at

District Conference 2023

  • Will be held in Hilo.  The committee is looking for volunteers to help with the planning and a co-chair from East Hawaii.

Future Rotary International Conventions

  • Taipei: June 12-16, 2021 Rotary International has announced that the International Conference will be virtual due to the ongoing threat of the COVID virus.  Stay tuned for further news.
  • Houston: June 4-8, 2022
Executives & Directors
Vice President
President Elect
Attendance Secretary
Sgt at Arms
HRYF Chairman
Public Relations
Club Trainer
Oktoberfest Co-chair
  • Volunteer opportunity  - COVID Vaccine Scheduling for DOH -- Sharon Scheele.  Still looking for volunteers.  If you need the link to volunteer, please contact Sharon.

  • Diaper Project -- Sharon Scheele and Geoli Ng.  The Diaper project is going through the end of March.  Please see the flyer that was sent out.  RCHB will receive $1000 from the district to go towards the project.  Geoli, Lorraine and Mike are going to Hawaii Diaper in Waimea later this morning for a tour and photo opportunity.

  • HRYF -- Richard Cunningham.  The interviews for the 2nd go around for scholarships have been completed.  Richard is accepting contributions and to date, has about $3000 that has been collected.  He will be taking contributions through March.

  • Junior Achievement -- Sharon Scheele.  Sharon is looking for volunteers to go into the classroom.  Please contact her for more information.

  • Easter and the Foodbasket -- Sharon Scheele.  RCHB members have typically supported the Foodbasket at the major holidays.  Write your check directly to the Foodbasket so you can get your tax credit and send the check to Sharon and she will make sure RCHB is recognized.  If you have questions, contact Sharon.

  • April work day -- Deborah Beaver.  Mark your calendars for a beach clean-up day.  This is a statewide Rotarian project.  Stay tuned for more news.

  • Club Social -- James Tyrin -- the date has been changed to March 25th from 5:30 to 7:00 pm.  RSVP to James regarding the wines you wish to purchase -- he will have the wines at his office.  Checks need to be payable to Kadota Liquor.

  • Dictionary Project -- James Tyrin -- Tim, Dave and James are meeting immediately after the club meeting to discuss what is to be done regarding the filming.  Filming is scheduled for Saturday, March 20 beginning at 2 pm at Church of the Holy Cross.

Today's Inspiration

“Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important."
            - Natalie Goldberg, O Magazine, October 2002


D'Andrea Pelletier -- guest of Anita Cunningham and potential member.
Toby Taniguchi -- guest of Art Taniguchi and potential member.
Barbara Kiernan, guest speaker
Frank Presson, guest of Barbara Kiernan
Naomi Masuno, District Governor
Doug Adams, Assistant Governor
Janell Kuamoo -- guest being inducted today
Thank you for joining us!

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker March 10 2021


Wednesday’s Guest Speaker, Barbara Kiernan, discussed improving healthcare for indigenous people in remote areas of Sonora, Mexico and the successful completion of a Rotary Global Grant that began in 2018 and ended in 2020. Part of their goal was to provide a model for other to see if this approach would work for others. The team based themselves in Alamos worked with the Guarijio-Makurawe villages which consisted of 7 villages, 1600 people and covered 219 square miles that had no Western healthcare. Their Clinical Partner, Clinica Integral Almas, was also based in Alamos. Once outside Alamos there is no public transportation, poor roads, the native language is not Spanish, and limited access to cell a service and electricity. They teamed with local Rotary Club, doctors, and healers to add to the areas tradition of using botanicals for health care. Part of the objective for the Global Grant was to train people in the village in healthcare, provide basic healthcare equipment, community trainings, and provide telemedicine using solar. A year into the project a group from Rotary International arrived to review the project and their input was very constructive. In December of 2020 they were able to celebrate the close of the grant with the Annual Puppet Festival.  They have also received a grant from the University of Arizona to keep the program going. 

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Paula Uusitalo
March 1
Kevin Hopkins
March 14
Bryan Lindsey
March 23
Spouse Birthdays
Sandy Tokuuke
March 10
John Gapp
March 9
Dale Tokuuke
Sandy Tokuuke
March 11
Sharon Scheele
Al Inoue
March 14
Mary Begier-Phillips
Lyle Phillips
March 20
Arthur Taniguchi
Barbara Taniguchi
March 21
Geoli Ng
Kurt Ng
March 23
Richard Cunningham
Michelle Jodoi
March 31
Join Date
Paula Uusitalo
March 8, 2006
15 years
John Gapp
March 18, 2020
1 year
William Barnes
March 18, 2020
1 year
Tim Hansen
March 19, 2014
7 years

Happy Dollars

Curt Sharp - ($15) happy.  He told the story of going through London with a Rotary pin and a pin collector offered him $50 for the pin.  He kept the pin.
Virginia and Bob Juettner - ($15) happy to see Barba Kiernan and Frank Presson.  Congratulations and welcome to Janell.
Marlene Norton - ($10) happy.  She has a new car with thanks to David D. and wants to congratulation Sandra W. for her new book coming out.
David De Luz - ($40) happy.  $10 to see Anita, $10 to Tim for RYLA, $10 for missed appointment with Curt and $10 for Marlene's new car.  David also wants to know how much he is matching Steven S. contribution for his television appearance.
Paula Uusitalo - ($15) happy for that many years in Rotary.
Anita Cunningham ($30) -- $10 for D'Andrea coming to the meeting, $10 for Deborah hosting Anita at her house and $10 in concern for YuYok.
Alan Okinaka - ($20) -- $5 because he is getting his 2nd COVID vaccine on Saturday, $5 for his studies, $5 for the Koleas and $5 to apologize to his mainland guests for his earlier remarks.
Art Taniguchi - ($10) happy -- for Toby T. 3rd meeting with us, for Sharon for providing information he needed quickly and recommended that Doug Adams be a future speaker.
Barbara Hastings - ($10) happy because she got her first COVID shot and to honor Paula for her years of service at RCHB.
Em D. - ($10) happy -- she offered a free download of her new book to anyone who would like it and is celebrating her publish date in March.
Richard Cunningham - ($60) happy. He was able to meet Geoli face to face, the second round of interviews are done and is designating $50 of those dollars to the Diaper project.
Janell Kuamoo - ($50) happy and she would like to designate those dollars to HRYF.
D'Andrea Pelletier - ($10) happy.  Her moniker is Queen of Opera and she has a new song coming out on Spotify and Pandora.  Search either one for Queen of Opera and enjoy the song.

Upcoming Events

Next club meeting - 3/17 at 7am on Zoom

Guest Speaker - Rotarian Dawn Pung


Inspiration by: Mary Begier
Pledge led by: Curt Sharp
4-Way Test: Bob Juettner
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