March 2021 Volume 32 | Issue 37

March 24, 2021

Aloha. E komo mai.
Hilo Bay
Service Above Self
Wednesdays at 7:00 AM
Online (Zoom meeting)
P.O. Box 11506
Hilo, HI 96721
United States of America
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President's Announcement
Lorraine Davis
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Notes from last meeting has been posted on ClubRunner!
Recorded Meeting:
Published Presentation: 
New Logo for Rotary Year 2021-22
Saturday Cleanup!  260 pounds of garbage removed from downtown Hilo!
Special Thanks to those who participated:
Jan Abundo and her husband
Junichi Noumaru and his wife and son
Michelle Flemming and her husband
Janell Kuamoo and her daughter
Art Taniguchi and his wife and daughter
Richard Cunningham
Tim Hansen
Bryan Lindsay
Mary Begier
Misa Saito
Lorraine Davis
(My apologies to Mary and Misa for not including them in the original thank you.)
Special Thanks to:
Deborah Beaver for coordinating the efforts
Deborah Beaver for supplying tables, chairs and paint for the project
County of Hawaii for supplying vests and garbage bags
David DeLuz Jr. for supplying the signage
The YWCA Preschool for loaning us their pop-up tent
Starbucks for coffee
Deborah's friend, who does this every week, for helping and supplying additional paint
Michelle Flemming and her husband for hauling the garbage to the dump

Notable Board Decisions

We will continue to Zoom through May.
The BOD voted to support a previous Peace Fellow applicant, Anika, who also was the recipient of the school supplies project in December.
The BOD voted to support sign waving for HPD and EMS with $200 for professionally made signs.

The notes of the last club meeting has been posted on the ClubRunner.

  • Recorded Meeting:
    Published Presentation:  None
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Volunteers needed!

May 5, 2021 Meeting
  • Pledge of Allegiance:   Preston Barnes IV
  • Inspiration:     Marlene Norton
  • Birthday Song:   Minions
  • 4-Way Test:   Mike Carroll

Upcoming RCHB Meetings

  • Wednesday, May 5 -- Youth Service Month, Guest Speaker Art Kimura - Exchange with Ehime High School
  • Wednesday, May 12 -- DARK -- Please plan to attend the District Conference over May 14-16, 2021
  • Wednesday, May 19 -- Guest Speaker is Jessica Histo, Hawaii Diaper
  • Wednesday, May 19 -- Board of Director's Meeting, Immediately following the general meeting
  • Wednesday, May 26 -- Guest Speaker, Michelle Flemming, YWCA Preschool and recipient of RCHB Funds
  • Wednesday, June 2 -- Rotary Fellowship Month -- Guest Speaker TBD
  • Wednesday, June 9 -- Guest Speaker TBD
  • Wednesday, June 16 -- Vocational Day, Guest Speaker Yu Yok Pearring
  • Wednesday, June 16 -- Board of Director's Meeting, Immediately following the general meeting
  • Wednesday, June 23 -- Guest Speaker TBD
  • Wednesday, June 30 -- Induction of New Officers -- stay tuned for more information

Other Rotary Meetings and Invitation

District Happenings

A series of D5000 Rotary webinars is available for your viewing, either live or recorded.  You can also find ton of webinars in the Learning Center at
D5000 Webinar Recordings:
Business Assistance webinar recording:
Mark Your Calendars

District Conference 2021

  • Will be held for the first time in Hilo commemorating 100 years of Rotary on Big Island on May 14, 15 and 16, 2021.  The event is now 100% virtual.  Volunteers who have skills in videotaping and virtual platforms are requested.  Please contact Alan Kusunoki at

District Conference 2023

  • Will be held in Hilo.  The committee is looking for volunteers to help with the planning and a co-chair from East Hawaii.

Future Rotary International Conventions

  • Taipei: June 12-16, 2021 Rotary International has announced that the International Conference will be virtual due to the ongoing threat of the COVID virus.  Stay tuned for further news.
  • Houston: June 4-8, 2022
Executives & Directors
Vice President
President Elect
Attendance Secretary
Sgt at Arms
HRYF Chairman
Public Relations
Club Trainer
Oktoberfest Co-chair
  • Volunteer opportunity  - COVID Vaccine Scheduling for DOH -- Sharon Scheele.  Still looking for volunteers to support the project.  Side note:  Benson Medina sent an email out encouraging folks who have been trained and have already volunteered to consider volunteering more.  Expected that help will be needed through the summer.

  • Diaper Project -- Sharon Scheele and Geoli Ng.   As of March 22, $1320 has been raised, not including the RCHB donation.  The drive goes through the end of the month.

  • HRYF -- Richard Cunningham.   Over $4000 has been raised for HRYF.  The drive continues.

  • Junior Achievement -- Sharon Scheele.  Sharon has enough volunteers for the session.  Thank you to the folks who volunteered.  Stay tuned for dates for training.

  • Easter and the Foodbasket -- Sharon Scheele.   Rotarians are encouraged to meet at the Foodbasket on Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 2:15 to present checks to the Foodbasket and a photo opportunity.  Side note:  Over $1000 was donated by Rotarians.

  • April work day -- Deborah Beaver.   March April 24th as a word day for all the clubs in Hawaii.  Stay tuned for more information.

  • Club Social -- James Tyrin  Club social is pushed back to March 25 -- invite a friend to share in the diversity of wines that will be tasted.  

  • Dictionary Project -- James Tyrin -- next filming date TBD.

  • Tim Hansen -- Challenge -- Tim sent an email out to challenge Rotarians to use some of their stimulus check to support the Mediation organizations in East and West Hawaii.  He supplied information in the chat.

  • Mary Begier -- there will be no silent auction for the D5000 conference but are looking for sponsors.  If anyone is interested in being a sponsor for the conference, there are opportunities for 5 businesses at $1000 each.  Stay tuned for more information.   

Today's Inspiration

“keep your eyes wide open for marriage, half shut afterwards."
            - Benjamin Franklin


Al Inouye -- Guest of Sharon Scheele
Mark Marriam -- Guest Speaker
D'Andrea Pellitier -- Potential Member
Toby Taniguchi -- Potential Member
Thank you for joining us!

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker Mark Merriman, update on Myanmar March 24 2021


Our Guest Speaker on Wednesday was Mark Merriman. Mark is a member of the Rotary Club of Metropolitan Honolulu and joined us to discuss his trip to Myanmar and the current situation there. He and his wife became interested in the country in 2013 when Aung San Suu Kyi spoke at a Rotary Peace Conference and later had the opportunity to visit Myanmar with medical doctors who were born and raised in Myanmar.  In 2015 they visited on a Medical Mission to the country. While there they helped set up a Medical Clinic that served over 800 people a day for 4 days. They brought plastic, rudimentary prosthetic arms to the country to assist people who had been injured in accidents. District 5000 decided to do a trip to Myanmar with an educational focus and a needs assessment for a global grant for the Monastic Schools.  Many of the teachers in the schools only had high school level education. The bathrooms at the school didn’t have running water and the septic tank was overflowing so part of the grant went toward building new restrooms which are almost completed. In addition, approximately $35,000 has gone back to help with educational efforts in the country. On February 1 there was a Military Coup the senior officials were arrested and have not been seen since. The people have been peacefully protesting since then. Some of the press and media has been shut down and most of the information has been getting out through Facebook. 

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
William Barnes
May 6
Geoli Ng
May 8
David De Luz
May 10
Janell Kuamoo
May 16
Barbara Hastings
May 25
Dawn Pung
May 31
Spouse Birthdays
Leslie Carroll
May 25
May 30
Emmeline de Pillis
Michael de Pillis
May 2
Yu Pearring
Mike Pearring
May 6
Dawn Pung
May 23
Join Date
Dale Tokuuke
May 1, 1996
25 years
Kim Keahiolalo
May 14, 2014
7 years
Steven Sylvester
May 17, 2017
4 years

Happy Dollars

David De Luz - ($10) happy because of the efforts of Deb and Paula to clean out and sort out contents of the storage locker.  He issued a challenge -- a new recording of the Birthday Song by Rotarians will result in $100 to HRYF and $100 to RI.
Paula Uusitalo - ($10) happy with the storage locker being cleaned out and contents sorted out.
Sharon Scheele - ($10) happy for winning the wine suite from David D.
Alan Okinaka - ($10) -- he discovered how wonderful the Queen Liliuokalani Park is.
Virginia and Bob Juettner - ($10) happy for Junichi helping them with a technical issue, both have received their first COVID vaccination and they have a new rescue dog that they have added to their family.
D'Andrea Pellitier - ($15) happy as the Palace Theater is showcasing various artists virtually and she urged us to experience the events as well.  She is also willing to record the birthday song for us.
Mike Carroll - ($10) happy, he had no technical difficulties during the meeting.
Lorraine Davis - ($10) happy to see the sun.

Upcoming Events

Next club meeting - 3/31 at 7am on Zoom

Guest Speaker - Richard Courson, Polio Plus and honoring Sharon Scheele


Inspiration by: Richard Cunningham
Pledge led by: Art Taniguchi
4-Way Test: Bryan Lindsey
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