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Jan 10, 2018

Lokahi Pilates

Feb 07, 2018

African-American Art (in recognition of African-American Month)

Professor Marshall has taught fulltime at the University of Hawaii Hilo since 1984 and currently serves as Chair, the Art and Performing Art Departments; East Hawaii Cultural Center, Executive Director.

Feb 21, 2018

Plantation Museum at Papaikou

Mar 07, 2018

Name That Rotarian

Mar 14, 2018

My Story

Tymalaya was born in Oregon City, Oregon. Before the age of 5, she helped answer phones at the wrecking yard her parents owned. Being a helping hand was always first on her mind. After her parents sold the wrecking yard, they started an upholstery business where Tymalaya learned how to sew and reupholster automobiles. She was always in the shop learning and specially learning about classic cars. During high school Tymalaya played volleyball, was in leadership roles and continued helping in the upholstery shop. Every summer Tymalaya participated in church camp where she was recruited to join Pacific Christian College. During college Tymalaya played basketball and studied social services. After college Tymalaya was asked to join a technology company and has been in technology since then.  Tymalaya is a principal connector in everything she does. She has a divine passion for helping people and a true interconnection. Her favorite phrase to her 5 grandchildren is… give, give, give, and maybe you will get and don’t forget to smile because it feels good.

Mar 21, 2018