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We wasted 261,000 tons of food in Hawai‘i in 2010.  Earthworms have the power to turn food and other organic waste into rich compost.  Dr. Norman Arancon, professor (and singer extraordinaire) at the UH-Hilo, is considered a national expert in vermicomposting.  Vermicomposts are “stabilized organic matter that are produced by the interaction of earthworms and microorganisms under controlled conditions.”  Dr. Arancon provided insights on the superior qualities of vermicompost, its uses, and its potential for municipal waste processing and even toilets.
Dr. Kevin Hopkins became the 29th President of the Rotary Club of Hilo Bay in July 2016.  He is an internationally-known scientist who has managed aquaculture and fisheries development projects throughout the world for more than 40 years.  Both he and his wife, Margarita, teach at the University of Hawaii at Hilo.
How do you grow a business over four generations from a family-run mom & pop store to a five-store chain employing over 750 associates?  Started in 1916, KTA Super Stores is celebrating its 100th anniversary.  In his humble manner, Barry Taniguchi, Chairman & CEO of KTA, and charter member of our club, shared his thoughts for a successful business.

Installation Ceremonies Conducted by PDG Linda Coble
Bettye Williams, a social services management consultant, was installed as the 28th president of the Rotary Club of Hilo Bay at ceremonies Monday, June 15, 2015.
Outgoing president Barbara A. Hastings, partner of Hastings & Pleadwell: A Communication Company, passed the gavel to Williams, who was installed by Linda Coble, Rotary District 5000 past governor.   In her keynote speech, Coble called on Rotarians to continually “unwrap the gift” of self to share time and talent with our communities.
Other officers installed were Hastings as vice president; Kyle Kawano, secretary; Paula Uusitalo, treasurer; Kevin Hopkins, president-elect, Roy Takemoto, sergeant at arms, and Mike Carroll, attendance secretary.
Over the past year, Rotary Club of Hilo Bay, which has 56 members, contributed to Puna relief efforts, to Camp Agape for children of incarcerated parents; to the Children’s Justice Center and to HOPE Services’ homesless shelters. The Club screen keiki for vision issues, and participated in youth literacy projects to earthquake relief in Nepal, to helping build wash facilities in Kosovo schools and to world polio eradication.  Scholarships and education grants were made to several local students and the Club donated more than $5,000 to the Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation.

Hilo Bay Oktoberfest 2015 scored again in its second year at Sangha Hall, Oct. 2, 2015. This was the 16th annual Oktoberfest the Rotary Club of Hilo Bay (RCHB) has sponsored.  At the outset, Oktoberfest was at Wailoa State Park's pavilion, then it moved on to Aunty Sally's.  It soon reached the walls there, and in 2014, it moved to Sangha Hall in Hilo, Hawaii.
Hilo Bay Oktoberfest now draws about 400 people, gathered for great food, excellent beer, frivolity and fundraising that supports community service projects in East Hawaii. 
Watch this space for information on the 2016 Hilo Bay Oktoberfest...

HRYF Scholarship
Fiona Follett, a senior at St. Josephʻs, is our HRYF scholarship recipient. She graciously accepted the  scholarship at last Wednesdayʻs meeting.  Fiona will be attending California Polytechnic at Pomona where she plans to study chemical engineering.  She is student body secretary (2 yrs),  a member of the National Honor Society, captain of the volleyball team, captain of the tennis team, and carried a 4.+ GPA/
HRYF Club Fundraising
Our Club has donated a total of $5,350 to HRYF scholarships, thanks to the hard work, artistic woodworking, and great PR skills of Richard Cunningham. 

Global Grant Moves Forward
Letter from Cliff Kopp, Treasurer of RC of Kona Sunrise
To the Rotary Club of Hilo Bay,
The Kosovo Global Grant Team is excited to share with you that the Grant has received final approval from The Rotary Foundation as of TODAY, April 16, 2015.  Not only has your Kosovo Global Grant  been approved, it has the enthusiastic support of the review team and the WASH advisory team.  Through our combined efforts, and our wonderful and industrious partner club in Kosovo, we are ready to start changing lives.
What next?  The Prishtina Club is ready to begin work -- just as soon as funds has been transferred.

Rotary Club of Hilo Bay     —   Amount of contribution:    $500.00

Great Job on Rotary Centennial Park
Once again, the Rotary Clubs of East Hawaii pitched in to work at the Rotary Centennial Park.  Many thanks to the RC of Hilo Bay members, family and friends who participated, and special thanks to Mary Begier for organizing on behalf of our Club.
Mike Carroll...chain saw man, Walt Thistlewaite, Linus Liesenklas, Walt's exchange student; Deborah Beaver, Kim Auberson & fiancé...trailer man Ted Keahiolalo; Tom Witthans; Carol Van Camp; Marcia Sakai & Irie Sakai; Anita Cunningham; Roy Takemoto; Mary Begier, and Richard Cunningham.


Celebrate Day of the Dead with StoveTeam

Rotarians, if you missed the February 2015 language school and stove-making trip to Guatemala have no fear! We have added a new adventure in November.

Celebrate the Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Guatemala. Improve your Spanish, explore Antigua, and volunteer for a good cause by working at a stove factory!

From October 31 until November 8,...read more

Andrew Iwashita, an attorney with Hawaii Family Trust Program, spoke about Alzheimer's and dementia.  He urged members to understand the links between heart health and brain function— "the older you get the more you need exercise."
He said there were three ways to grow brain cells: exercise, fasting and learning new things.

Forty-one high school students from various Big Island high schools attended RYLA 2015 this year to gain leadership skills and experience.
RYLA  was again successfully held  at the Kilauea Military Camp from Feb.27 to March 1.   
The Rotary Club of Hilo Bay sponsored seven students from St. Joseph and two students from Keaau High School. 
Sharon Scheele, Anita Cunningham, and Alan Okinaka joined other Rotarians as trainers and facilitators for the leadership programs that focused on the Rotary Four Way Test.  The fifth test, “Is It Fun?” was also tested and based on the student feedback on the last day, it was fun!
RYLA 2015 was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Kona and Rotarian Scott Unger served as committee chair, focusing on the logistics of the camp to keep the students safe, happy, and well fed!  Rotarian Gail Takaki from the Rotary Club of Hilo chaired Programming to get the students akamai and excited about their future.
Besides the indoor activities, students spent half a day on a hike through Haleamaumau Crater which included assisting the National Parks with the eradication of the invasive flower ginger plant, and later a night visit to the always humbling glow of the Haleamaumau Caldera. 
The highlight of the leadership experience was hearing the students accept their role in becoming future leaders of our communities.  Hearing adults say this is one thing.  Hearing the youths say this with their thoughts, words, and visions is what validates this belief.
The Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA) camp is a program in the Youth Services (formerly known as New Generations) Avenue of Service, and it is our club’s commitment of supporting one of six areas of focus for Rotary International, which is Basic Education and Literacy.

At the March 4 meeting, we were happy to be able to present checks to two well deserving community programs. 
After our successful completion of more than 100 combined hours of work by 29 Rotarians and two friends at the HOPE Services transitional housing complex, we earned $10,000 from the Weinberg Friends program, which we presented to Brandee Menino, the CEO at HOPE.  Chester Cabral, who organized our Weinberg Project, presented the check.
And Bryan Lindsay, Community Service chair, presented a $2,000 check to Pastor Charlie Kama and Dawn Tavares for Camp Agape.  The Camp, held each year on Memorial Day weekend, provides skills, leadership training and fun for children of incarcerated parents. 

Mahalo to the RCHB members who came out to make our Weinberg Friends Project at HOPE Services a success.  At least 25 members from our Club, plus a cushion of a few from other Clubs, meant we met Weinberg's requirement of 25 members working 100 hours on the project.  We had a few friends there, too. 
Special call out to Lance Forsythe, who was there against doctor's orders, and to Carol VanCamp who painted in pain, and finally left for the emergency room.  She wasn't admitted, but sent home with medications. 
Again, special thanks to Chester Cabral for the excellent planning.   Chester's report will come later, but we wanted to get the Mahalo in, right away. More photos (from Charlene Iboshi) are at the end of "Images of the Week."

Sharon Scheele was awarded her Paul Harris +5 pin, which means she's contributed $5,000 to the Foundation.

RCHB Past President Mary Begier was honored by the Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce with the Athena Award for those who excel in business and support women in business. Mary joins Past Presidents Sharon Scheele and Carol Van Camp as Athena winners.  Sharon was the very first awardee.  Senior active member Barry Taniguchi's KTA SuperStores is a sponsor.
She's pictured below with MC Lincoln Ashida and then with some (not all) of RCHB members who attended the luncheon.  Her husband, Lyle Phillips and Jill Jacunski are in the photo, as is Newton Chu, who apparently wants to switch Clubs!!
Congratulations, Mary.

The five Rotary Clubs of East Hawaii spent Saturday morning (1/31) at Kuhio Kalanianaole Park, better known to us as Rotary Centennial Park, working on cleaning out more invasive plants and trees and opening up the view plane.  Thank you Mary Begier and James Leonard for being the point people for RCHB. 
If you haven't seen the park lately, arborists cut down several ironwoods to expose the beauty of the Bay.  A round of applause is due Mike Robinson, RC of Hilo, for doggedly moving this project forward.
From RCHB, attending were: James Leonard, Mary Begier, Alan Okinaka, Richard Cunningham, Bettye Williams, Allen Novak, Mike Carroll, Tom Witthans, Lance Forsythe, Roy Takemoto, James Tyrin, and Barbara Hastings.
Mike Robinson came upon the sad discovery early Saturday morning that thieves had wrenched off and stolen the plaques.  See photo below.


Mahalo to All Who Attended
TriClub Meeting, Wednesday, January 28, 2015
at Hilo Hawaiian Hotel
Presiding: Barbara Hastings, president, RC of Hilo Bay
Pledge: Richard Johnson, president, RC of Hilo
Inspiration: "Ideas have unhinged the gates of empires."  — Paul Harris (selected by Cedric Mitsui, RCHB)
Photos: Special thanks to Chris Tamm.
4 Way Test: Doug Adams, president, RC of South Hilo
Happy Dollars: $730 contributed to HPR
Program:  Michael Titterton of HPR gave an update on progress of bringing the second stream of programming to East Hawaii, the least remaining spot without it.  He also gave an overview of where the station stands, and plans for the future. Pictured with Valerie Yee of HPR.
Charlene Meyers, ADG, demonstrates color changing mug (available for $20) that funds Polio Plus.  Our District has donated $30,000 from mug sales, matched 2 for 1 by Gates Foundation, for a total of $90,000 to help eradicate the disease.
Richard Cunningham, RCHB, urges everyone to pony up for Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation.  There could be a handcrafted wooden box in your future!
Mike Robinson, RCH, reminds us that work day at Centennial Park is Saturday, 1/31.
Doug Adams, RCSH, left, looking for folks who want to represent Rotary in the Merrie Monarch parade.
Richard Johnson, RCH, right, talks about Project Kokua fundraiser 2/28 to aid Puna district. Ask your Club leaders about tickets. Doug of RCSH noted his club helping with silent auction and needs items.
Bryan Lindsay, RCHB Community Service Chair, left, invites other Clubs members to help with the Weinberg project, 2/28, at HOPE Services.

Scenes from the TriClub Meeting 01/28/15

Jack Higgins, MD in on vacation in Hawaii but took time to share with RCHB the 25 years of the Los Altos Rotary AIDS Project (LARAP.)
Jack, who's day job is chief medical officer for Avantis Medical Systems, has served on the AIDS Project board for 13 years and recently spent time in Liberia for the launch of the partnership of Save the Children and LARAP. Save the Children is the biggest NGO dealing with kids in the world.
He noted that while in the United States, AIDS is a treatableable, controlable disease, but in Africa "it is still a killing disease."  Each year 300,000 children are affected.
For more information on Jack, and on the Los Altos Rotary AIDS Project, click here and for more about Jack, click here.

 The Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation (HRYF) scholarships application process is underway and the final deadline for Hawaii high school seniors is Saturday,
January 31, 2015.  $245,000 in scholarship grants will be awarded in April, 2015 with scholarship grants of $5,000 awarded to 45 students and two “outstanding students”
 who will receive one $10,000 Maurice J. Sullivan Scholar Award and one $10,000
 Joanna Lau Sullivan Award.
All statewide interested high school seniors, as well as any home schooled senior student, can apply for a HRYF college scholarship award. There are three ways to obtain application forms.  All interested seniors can contact their high school college counselor, contact one of the Hawaii Rotary Clubs or visit the website http://www.rotaryd5000.org.  Look under “Site Pages”, then HRYF and “Application Packet” to download an application. For additional information, contact the Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation directly by calling Aloha Makekau at the HRYF office (808) 735-1073.  The deadline for HRYF scholarship applications from interested Hawaii high school seniors is January 31, 2015. 
The Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation was founded by Maurice J. “Sully” Sullivan in 1976 and provides support with scholarship grants that assist Hawaii’s high school seniors in achieving their goal of attending college. Since 1976, 1,562 scholarship grants with a total value of $5,611,313 have been awarded to Hawaii high school seniors on all major islands.
                                                                        # # #

Krishna Dhir, Ph.D., new dean of the UH-Hilo College of Business and Economics says it "boggles the mind why someone would leave the UH system to go to the Cal State system."  He said the UH system is higher quality.
Dr. Dhir is unapologetic in his support for Hawaii's higher education, and for UHH in particular.  One might ask, he said, if he's  trying to say UH system is better than Harvard.  "My response.  What has Harvard done for you lately."  He tells businesses they need to be aware of the different strengths of colleges, whether it's Harvard, Shidler at Manoa, or UHH.  Shidler, he said, offers a broader mission, but at UHH the mission for his college is "regional economic development."
He said he is talking to local industries about their needs; they tell him the human resources are inadequate to what they require.  For instance, they say in the visitor industry, 'We need people who speak Japanese."  He tells them UHH has many students who fill the bill.  Give them summer jobs, he said.
"We need industries to tell us what profile they need."  It's a prerequisite that industry be involved with the university, and if students work with industry, the programs become moer relevant.
For more information on Dr. Dhir — click here.

"We need your help," said Robin Benedict of the Friends of the Children's Justice Center.  She announced that she wanted to touch our hearts to help the Center help the children "who see deplorable things."  Robin is the only paid staff, with 10 vlounteers.  Last year, the Center saw 630 children, from assault victims to children who witnessed violent crimes. 
Robin has more than 20 years' experience with the Department of Human Services and finds it rewarding to help child victims of abuse and neglect. 
She noted research shows that abuse is a learned behavior; if children who experience this as part of life don't receive help, they may well repeat these learned behaviors as an adult. 
"Each day in the US, more than three children die of abuse," she said. 
She said locally, 158 children suffered severe abuse.  "A lot of these children just want someone to love them," she said.
Among the things the Center regularly needs are new underwear, in any size, and rubber slippers.
The Friends work with the Center to offer supportive programs to assist the children traumatized by assault, abuse and neglect. They sponsor "Winners Camp"  where the children learn leadership and life skills as well as self worth.
The Friends have applied to RCHB to be our 2015 Weinberg project. 

Mike Carroll, one of the newest members of RCHB, told Club members a little bit about himself and wife, Leslie as part of our vocational service series.  Mike called himself a "common soldier." He spent 20 years in the tactical Army including time as a combat arms officer.
Starting out as a private, Mike went to officers candidate school.  He retired as a colonel.  He's been to the War College in Washington, DC, been to jungle school, arctic warfare school and been to more deserts than he like to count. 
Mike holds an MBA, and now operates a farm with Leslie.  "My wife shot the last boar" on the property," he said. Leslie is also retired military, where she was a warrant officer.  They raise and sell lamb on their Puna area far.
Since joining RCHB, Mike was quickly drafted to help with Oktoberfest and create a manual to streamline operations in coming years.  He also accepted our sergeant at arms position.


Rotary Foundation Month

It's Rotary International Foundation Month and Sandra Wagner-Wright urged members to give, even at a nominal amount of $10.  Packaged with other Club-member contributions, it goes a long way, and much of it come back to us through district designated grants.  
We sometimes think Foundation money is used for international projects overseas, but that's only part of it.  Grants help locally and across the U.S.  Sandra gave this example of how Foundation contributions work:
In June 2013, the Yarnell Hill, Arizona fire claimed lives of 19 firefighters, destroyed over 100 homes, severely damaged Yarnell Water Improvement Association’s water system.  Estimated cost of Repair: $1.5 million
With a $89,000 Global Grant, The Rotary Club of Prescott-Sunup (AZ) partnered with RC Weonju (South Korea) & Alliance Service & Control Specialists (Phoenix) repaired damaged system. Grant Contributions from Rotary Clubs in Mexico, Germany, Canada,  and the Cayman Islands. For more information click here.
Please give to the Foundation:  Write a check, pay at our registration desk with a credit card, or go to RI website and make either a one time, or recurring gift.  And, remember, November happy dollars go to the Foundation.  92% of contributions go to project funding, 2% to administration and 6% to fundraising.  RI Foundation has a 4 star rating on Charity Navigator.

St. Joseph's Interact

RCHB Past President Sharon Scheele and member Miyuki Lee represented our Club for the induction of new members and the installation of the new officers of St. Joseph High School on November 18. There are 11 new members and one continuing member this year.


Vocational Service: John Furstenwerth
Small Business Development Center

John explained Wednesday this his organization provides professional level business advice to small and start up businesses. SBDC bridges business owners with information and services that they need—from financial and empolyee management to marketing and help with loan applications. 
There is no charge and SBDC "partners with the client over the long haul."  This year, 1,000 clients have been served in 2,600 sessions.


Keiki Vision: Hilo Union School

Cedric Mitsui, Steve Jacunski, Anita Cunningham, Sandra Wagner-Wright, Mike Carroll and Barbara Hastings joined some of Cedric's staff to screen three classes at Hilo Union Thursday.  There are more opportunities to volunteer for keiki vision sessions in December.  Sign up online or at the registration desk Wednesdays.

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