Are you aging gracefully?  Or, are you noticing weight gain, loss of muscle mass, compromised immune system, wrinkling and thinning of the skin, depression and stress, cognitive decline, insulin resistance, loss of sex drive, fatigue, sleep disorder.  What are you doing about it-- accepting all your aches and pains, taking drugs to treat symptoms, buying larger clothes to fit your weight gain, reducing activity due to pain, feeling and acting old?  Well, if you want to start taking responsibility for your health, you may want to consult our newest Club member, Dr. Michael Fitch, M.D., who introduced us to his new practice.
Dr. Fitch's approach relies on diet, exercise, and restoring optimal hormone levels.  Contrary to common myths associated with hormone replacement therapy (e.g., muscle bound, personality changes, cancer risk, heart attack risk),  thousands of research articles today tell us if hormones are optimally replaced they are safe and effective and beneficial for long term health.  Both women and men experience decreased hormone levels.  But there is a significant difference between bio-identical vs. natural vs. synthetic hormones:  
  • Biologically identical hormones are natural to the human body; they may be found in nature or synthesized to be (BIO) identical to what our body’s make.  However, natural biologically identical human hormones ARE NOT patentable by drug companies – they already exist in nature.  So drug companies make synthetic compounds that are proprietary to sell at a profit.
  • Natural hormones can be classified as hormones that are produced by Mother Nature, such as Equine (horse) hormones, that may or may not be natural to the human body.
Synthetic or natural hormones (e.g., Premarin made from horse estrogen, synthetic progestin called Provera) can have side effects.  In contrast, biologically identical hormones, which are identical in molecular structure to what your body makes and derived from natural sources, have virtually no side effects if properly prescribed based on individual need and monitored.  If you seek a path to healthy aging with renewed energy and vigor, call Dr. Fitch for a free consultation (808-491-3552).