About 150 "Angels", children of incarcerated parents, attend the annual camp sponsored by Camp Agape Hawaii.  In Hawaii, the child of an incarcerated parent is 50% more likely to be incarcerated as well.  The role of Camp Agape is to reach these children and their parents, to see whole families transformed by unconditional love.  Dawn Tavares and Kahu Charlie Kama introduced a former Angel who provided a heart-warming account of her experience.
As Kiani, a high school student, talked to the club of her experience, there was a moment of tears.  She attended the Camp reluctantly at the behest of her mother.  She did not know anyone.  At first she kept to herself.  Through the activities and relationships she developed with other Angels and the mentors, she reached a moment of being accepted for who she was, and it still brings tears to her eyes as she recalls that moment. She continues to be involved as a junior mentor, helping others and she has been helped.
The Camp is four days.  The participants stay at Kileauea Military Camp with day activities at Paani Ranch and the beach.  The camp's activities are designed to encourage trust and accomplishment.  Horseback riding is scary at first, but the rider soon learns to trust the horse.  Rockwall climbing can be challenging, but the children are encouraged to keep trying and when they ring the bell at the top, there is a thrill of accomplishment.  Although the messages lean toward Christianity, children of all religions are welcome.  No child is turned away; even at capacity, room is made for whoever wants to attend.
Camp Agape is free for every child.  Financial support is from businesses, churches, and other donors of all levels.  The more financial resources, the more the Camp is able to do during the Camp and continue connecting with the children after the Camp.  
Dawn and Kahu Charlie thanked the Club for our generous donations in the past, and invited us to participate in the luau they traditionally hold on the last day of the Camp.  This year the Camp will be from June 9 to June 11.  The luau will be held on June 11, 5:30pm, at Paani Ranch.