Aloha, Wonderful Rotarians of District 5000!

Help #EndPolio Forever social media video launch:
We are very grateful for William Gates Sr.'s participation in the groundbreaking made-for-social-media video developed in partnership with Rotary. The video, Help #EndPolio Forever is now complete and has been approved by all partner health organizations.
As World Polio Day approaches we are distributing this video far and wide across the internet and ask for your help. Share it where you can and especially on any FaceBook Pages between October 20th and October 25th with concentration on October 24th, World Polio Day if at all possible.
Check out the new video - share it with your friends!        
And join us for our Polio Fundraisers this weekend on all islands. 

Together, let's LIGHT UP ROTARY and END POLIO NOW!
Aloha, DG Laura
Also Note:  Please check out the amazing "world's biggest commercial" about ending polio at . Nearly 120,000 people from 173 countries participated.   We're "this close."