Mahalo to All Who Attended
TriClub Meeting, Wednesday, January 28, 2015
at Hilo Hawaiian Hotel
Presiding: Barbara Hastings, president, RC of Hilo Bay
Pledge: Richard Johnson, president, RC of Hilo
Inspiration: "Ideas have unhinged the gates of empires."  — Paul Harris (selected by Cedric Mitsui, RCHB)
Photos: Special thanks to Chris Tamm.
4 Way Test: Doug Adams, president, RC of South Hilo
Happy Dollars: $730 contributed to HPR
Program:  Michael Titterton of HPR gave an update on progress of bringing the second stream of programming to East Hawaii, the least remaining spot without it.  He also gave an overview of where the station stands, and plans for the future. Pictured with Valerie Yee of HPR.
Charlene Meyers, ADG, demonstrates color changing mug (available for $20) that funds Polio Plus.  Our District has donated $30,000 from mug sales, matched 2 for 1 by Gates Foundation, for a total of $90,000 to help eradicate the disease.
Richard Cunningham, RCHB, urges everyone to pony up for Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation.  There could be a handcrafted wooden box in your future!
Mike Robinson, RCH, reminds us that work day at Centennial Park is Saturday, 1/31.
Doug Adams, RCSH, left, looking for folks who want to represent Rotary in the Merrie Monarch parade.
Richard Johnson, RCH, right, talks about Project Kokua fundraiser 2/28 to aid Puna district. Ask your Club leaders about tickets. Doug of RCSH noted his club helping with silent auction and needs items.
Bryan Lindsay, RCHB Community Service Chair, left, invites other Clubs members to help with the Weinberg project, 2/28, at HOPE Services.