Dear President Barbara,
       Thanks to the good offices of my friend Anamaria, member and ambassador of our Rotary Club La Serena Oriente, I wanted you to receive our warmest Rotarian greetings together with all the members of our Sister Cub of Hilo Bay, Hawaii.
       It has been put ot us to be the leaders of our clubs, so far away one from the other geographically speaking, but so close in respect to our ideals and spirit of service.  My best wishes for you to have a successful Rotarian year and that we could unite in some common projects and to get to know each other better.
       We are a small club, of only 14 members, but with a great will to "LIGHT UP ROTARY" and with clear goals to accomplish the objective set out by our President Gary and our Governor Felipe.
      Finally, I would like via my friend Anamaria, to offer you an affectionate embrace of sisterhood, and to convey to all the members of your Club, especially to your Secretary Kyle, our feelings of friendship and of mutual collaboration.
M. Cristina Carrillo, Presidenta
Pedro Bello R., Secretary