You can teach an old dog new tricks.  Our community is fortunate to have the opportunities offered by the UH-Hilo College of Continuing Education and Community Service (CCECS).  Julie Mowrer, Acting Director, and Chris Nishioka, Technology Program Coordinator, explained the courses and services that can take you to the next level whether it be for work (professional development, certification testing, continuing education requirements), pleasure (personal development), classwork (summer school), technology (senior net), or inter-cultural (English Language Institute, foreign language classes).
It seems a paradox, but the CCECS is a UHH college that does not focus on granting degrees.  Its mission is to serve those who are primarily not motivated by degrees or grades, just the desire to learn.  Towards that end, the CCECS extends the resources of UHH into the community.  The beneficiaries of its programs include:
  • Students taking credit classes in the rural areas (e.g., Hamakua)-- CCECS coordinates distance learning and testing so students do not have to drive to UHH;
  • International students-- the English Language Institute program teaches English and supports intercultural understanding;
  • Golden age adults (50+ years old)-- through the SeniorNet program, volunteer peer seniors teach technology fundamentals (e.g., iPhone, iPad, photo editing, Windows, Excel, computer fundamentals);
  • Anyone interested in various personal development-- courses include agriculture, creative arts, health & wellness, dance & fitness, language (e.g., French, Japanese, Spanish), philosophy & culture,  even hip-hop for kids;
  • Skill development-- for those who have a desire to acquire skills in food preservation, grant writing, leadership, website development, online marketing;
  • Professional advancement or continuing education credits-- instead of having to travel to Honolulu to fulfill requirements for various certifications for teachers, accountants, and nurses, CCECS is working on partnering initiatives to offer the coursework on island.
CCECS is always open to suggestions.  Contact Julie at