• Pledge of Allegiance  --  Steve Jacunski
  • Words of Inspiration -- Geoli Ng
  • Introduction of guests
  • Announcement by the President
  • Announcements by the Director, Committee Chair and by the members
    • HRYF - Richard Cunningham
  • Anniversaries
  • Happy Dollars
  • Guest Speaker -- Naomi Masuno, District Governor
  • 4-Way Test -- Bryan Lindsey

Pledge of Allegiance -- Led by Steve Jacunski

Inspiration -- Geoli Ng


Introduction of Guests

Misa Saito -- being inducted today; Miyuki Lee is her sponsor.

Geoli Ng -- being inducted today; Steve Jacunski is her sponsor.
Naomi Masuno, District Governor, guest speaker.
Doug Adams, Assistant Governor, guest speaker.

Announcements by the President

The notes of the last club meeting has been posted on the ClubRunner.

  • The notes from the September 16 RCHB meeting can be found here:  
    And the video of the meeting can be found here:
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Volunteers needed!

Next weeks meeting:
  • Pledge of Allegiance:  Steve Jacunski
  • Inspiration:  Mary Begier
  • Birthday Song:  Mary Begier
  • 4-Way Test:  Bob Juettner

 Upcoming Meetings

  • Wednesday, September  23 -- Guest Speaker is District Governor Naomi Masuno, Meeting starts at 7:00 am.
  • Wednesday, September 23 -- Board Meeting, immediately following the General Meeting.  Will end at 9:00 am.
  • Wednesday, September 30 -- Speaker from ALS Association Golden West Chapter in Hawaii.  Meeting starts at 7:00 am.
  • Wednesday, October 7 -- Guest Speaker is Doug Adams, Meeting starts at 7:00 am.
  • Wednesday, October 14 -- Guest Speaker is Kalika Kastein, Peace Fellow.  Meeting starts at 7:00 am.
  • Wednesday, Ocotber 21 -- Vocational Day and our Guest Speaker is Geoli Ng.  Meeting starts at 7:00 am.
  • Wednesday, October 21 -- Board meeting immediately following the club meeting.  Meeting will end at 9:00 am.  Please submit reports prior to the meeting.
  • Thursday, October 22 -- Club Social, TBD
  • Wednesday, October 28 -- Celebrating World Polio Day.  Since Africa has been declared Polio free, Richard Cunningham will share the beautiful sites from his vacation in Africa.

Other Rotary Meetings and Invitations

Email blasts this past week.

District Happenings

A series of D5000 Rotary webinars is available for your viewing, either live or recorded.  You can also find ton of webinars in the Learning Center at
D5000 Webinar Recordings:
Business Assistance webinar recording:

Mark Your Calendars

District Conference 2021

  • Will be held for the first time in Hilo commemorating 100 years of Rotary on Big Island at Grand Naniloa Hotel on May 14, 15 and 16, 2021.

Future Rotary International Conventions

  • Taipei: June 12-16, 2021
  • Houston: June 4-8, 2022


Assistant Governor Doug Adams followed up with the Yukio Okutsu Veterans Home and received information from Stacyn, the activities director there:

From Stacyn   

  • Colored maker packs
  • Large printed Cross word puzzle books
  • Large printed word search puzzle books
  • Flowers to put in their rooms.
  • Letters/small posters of positive/encouragement words.
  • Stereos / cds


  • Goodies of any type
  • Water bottles/Gatorade
  • Maybe small bottle of lotion or sanitizers
Miyuki has offered to collect items at her Farmer's Market location on Kinoole Street on Satruday's from 6:30 am to 11:00 am.  Virginia has donated note cards for the cause and you can go down to Miyuki's stall and write a note to a resident of the home, or bring any of the items above.  We will coordinate deliver around Verteran's Day.

Announcements, Director / Committee Chair report

HRYF - Richard Cunningham



Other Chair Announcements

Volunteer opportunity  - Continuing through November.
State Department of Health and UH Nursing request Rotarians to help for the face mask observation. The purposes of this project are (1) to monitor ongoing use of face masks/coverings by the public in Hawaii and (2) to track social norm change in regard to mask wearing over time. A pair of volunteers will count the number of people who (a) wear the mask correctly, (b) wear the mask in correctly and (c) don't wear the mask at a designated location (Prince Kuhio Plaza, Keaukaha Beach Park (Start at parking lot), Liliuokalani Park or Airport post office) from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Saturdays until November 28. Instructions include the counting device and how to report the counts are available on YouTube:
The sign-up sheet is also available online.
If you have any question, please contact Dr. Glauberman (

Anniversaries between September 17 and 23, 2020

Wedding Anniversary 


Club Anniversary 

Bryan Lindsey -- September 23  Thank you, Bryan for your years of service and dedication to Rotary.

Birthday -- Birthday Song led by Mike Carroll




Happy Dollars
Keep your happy dollar donation in an envelope and bring it to the next in-person meeting. You may contact Deborah Beaver to make a payment with your credit card or mail your check to the club. Thank you.
In addition, you may now pay from our new online payment system: 

Steve S. is $20 happy.  His daughters came home and have left.  He enjoyed the time with them and admired how autocratic they are.  He is also happy about Geoli joining our club.

Art is $20 and talked about the World Peace Day on the 21st.  His daughter helped to introduce the legislation that resulted in Hawaii being the first state to honor World Peace Day.  He also shared that his background on his Zoom was a picture taken the same day as Barry Taniguchi's memorial service.  

Miyuki L. is $20 happy.  She had a "new" Rotarian visit her booth on Saturday and to acknowledge Misa S. as a new member.

Bob J. is $20 happy because the Blood Bank called and wants a donation of his blood.

Bryan is contributing to Happy Dollars but more as an announcement.  The owner's parent of Seaside Restaurant recently passed.

Naomi M. is $10 happy and wanted to thank Sharon, Tim, Mary and Art for their work in Rotary and the community.

Barbara H. is $5 happy to see Steve J. on Zoom.  

Alan O. is $10 because he made satellite contact with his radio and the 3 Kolea's in his yard are "fattening up" nicely.

Tim H. is $10 happy because he got to meet Misa in person.

Thank you all for your generosity!

Guest Speaker -- District Governor, Naomi Masuno

Induction of New Members:  Misaki Saito and Geoli Ng

Recognition of Paul Harris Fellows

Next Meeting

  • The Board meeting will follow immediately after.  Guest speaker will be District Governor, Naomi Masuno.
  • The next club meeting will be Wednesday, September 30 from 7 a.m. via Zoom.  Speaker from ALS Association Golden West Chapter in Hawaii.  Meeting starts at 7:00 am.

Additional Announcements


The Four Way Test  -- Bryan Lindsey