• Pledge of Allegiance  --  Curt Sharp
  • Words of Inspiration -- Curt Sharp
  • Introduction of guests
  • Announcement by the President
  • Announcements by the Director, Committee Chair and by the members
    • Veterans Project -- Virginia Juettner
    • District Auction -- Mary Begier
    • Halloween with Boys and Girls Club -- Junichi Noumaru
    • Global Grants - Junichi Noumaru, Chester Cabral, Curt Sharp, Jim Becker
  • Anniversaries
  • Happy Dollars
  • 4-Way Test -- Geoli Ng
Recorded meeting:

Pledge of Allegiance -- Led by Curt Sharp

Inspiration -- Curt Sharp


Introduction of Guests

Kimo Jim Becker, Rotary Club of Hilo
Doug Adams, Assistant Governor

Announcements by the President

The notes of the last club meeting has been posted on the ClubRunner.

  • The notes from the October 14, 2020 RCHB meeting can be found here:  

    And the video of the meeting can be found here:
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Volunteers needed!

Next weeks meeting:
  • Pledge of Allegiance:  Mike Carroll
  • Inspiration:  Preston Barnes
  • Birthday Song:  Mary Begier
  • 4-Way Test:  Sandra Wagner-Wright
Slate of Officers -- Elections have to be held by the end of the year.  Step up, Step up and join the fun and consider being a part of the Board, an Officer, or Committee Chair.  

 Upcoming Meetings

  • Wednesday, October 21 -- Vocational Day and our Guest Speaker is Misa Saito.  Meeting starts at 7:00 am.
  • Wednesday, October 21 -- Board meeting immediately following the club meeting.  Meeting will end at 9:00 am.  Please submit reports prior to the meeting.
  • Thursday, October 22 -- Club Social, Thursday, October 22 beginning at 5:00 pm.  Zoom invitation to be issued by James Tyrin.
  • Wednesday, October 28 -- Celebrating World Polio Day.  Since Africa has been declared Polio free, Richard Cunningham will share the beautiful sites from his vacation in Africa.

Other Rotary Meetings and Invitations

Email blasts this past week.

District Happenings

A series of D5000 Rotary webinars is available for your viewing, either live or recorded.  You can also find ton of webinars in the Learning Center at
D5000 Webinar Recordings:
Business Assistance webinar recording:

Mark Your Calendars

World Polio Day is October 24.  The District is planning an event.  Event times and Zoom info can be found here:

District Conference 2021

  • Will be held for the first time in Hilo commemorating 100 years of Rotary on Big Island at Grand Naniloa Hotel on May 14, 15 and 16, 2021.
          The District is looking for volunteers to head up the decorations for the Conference.  If you are interested in being a part of the committee (or even leading the committee) please contact me.

Future Rotary International Conventions

  • Taipei: June 12-16, 2021
  • Houston: June 4-8, 2022


From Kevin Hopkins
We did it! Thanks to your generous support we exceeded our fundraising goal of $2,500 for The ALS Association’s Walk to Defeat ALS!
As you know, this is incredibly personal to us and we are so grateful that you have helped us have an impact in finding a cure. Funds raised through the Walk to Defeat ALS go directly to helping The ALS Association provide important care services and fund cutting-edge research that will lead to new treatments.
Just recently, four new genes were discovered which will help identify new treatment therapies! Thanks to your help, the progress will continue.
Once again, thank you for supporting us in The ALS Association’s Walk to Defeat ALS. We couldn’t have done this without you!
Stay well,
Kevin and Dayday

Announcements, Director / Committee Chair report

  • Veterans Project -- Virginia Juettner.

    • The home currently has 44 residents and there will be a Veteran's Day celebration beginning at 12:30 pm.  Families will be able to honor residents, then 50 bikes and then our club to do a drive by of the Veteran's home.  The staging area will be at Rainbow Falls.  Virginia is seeking a volunteer to direct Rotarians in drive order.  The day before, items that have been donates (currently large print puzzle books, preschool greetings, plants and flowers and iPads) will be dropped off at a predesignated time for residents to receive.  There is a plan to purchase iPads and cost is approximately ~$329 from Costco.  We have sufficient funds to purchase 4 iPads, looking for donations to purchase 5 iPads.  Mike Carroll, Doug Adams, Curt Sharp, Preston and Ken Barns, and Virginia and Bob have volunteered to purchase an iPad, making it possible to purchase more than 5 iPads.
  • District Auction -- Mary Begier

    • Mary is still accepting donations for the District 5000 auction.  Just send a picture and information about the donation and she will put it on the website.  Mary asked that Rotarians share the auction site with everyone, Rotarian and non-Rotarian.  The auction closes on Monday, the 26th at 8 p.m.
    • Thank you, Mary for the efforts you have put in to make this happen.  
    • Just as a reminder, all donations from RCHB will come back to RCHB.
  • Volunteer opportunity  - Halloween with Boys and Girls Club -- Junichi Noumaru

  • "Trunk or Treat" event at Hilo Boys & Girls Club property
  • Drive-through Halloween candy pass-out event
  • Saturday, October 31
  • One, two or three 10'x10' pop-up tent(s)
  • decorations
  • bagged candies - nobody know how many begs we will need.
  • one to two persons in each tent

  • Global Grants - Junichi Noumaru, Chester Cabral, Curt Sharp

  • Volunteer opportunity  - Continuing through November.  -- Junichi Noumaru

State Department of Health and UH Nursing request Rotarians to help for the face mask observation. The purposes of this project are (1) to monitor ongoing use of face masks/coverings by the public in Hawaii and (2) to track social norm change in regard to mask wearing over time. A pair of volunteers will count the number of people who (a) wear the mask correctly, (b) wear the mask in correctly and (c) don't wear the mask at a designated location (Prince Kuhio Plaza, Keaukaha Beach Park (Start at parking lot), Liliuokalani Park or Airport post office) from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Saturdays until November 28. Instructions include the counting device and how to report the counts are available on YouTube:
The sign-up sheet is also available online.
If you have any question, please contact Dr. Glauberman (


Anniversaries between October 16 and October 21, 2020


Wedding Anniversary 


Club Anniversary 

David De Luz, Jr.   October 16, 2002  Sponsor was Art Taneguchi
Sandra Wagner-Wright    October 21, 2009  Sponsor was Richard Crowe

Thank you for your years of service to Rotary and thank you to the sponsors.


John Gapp 
Chris Okano 
Happy Birthday' Song Facts—History of 'Happy Birthday' Song



Happy Dollars

Keep your happy dollar donation in an envelope and bring it to the next in-person meeting, send a check to RCHB, PO Box 11506 or pay via credit card from our new online payment system: 

Kimo Jim B. is $50 happy.  The Rotary social at the Volcano Winery was pleasant.  He also talked about the district grant and one of the grants that would support a hospital in Nepal.  

Mary B. is $20 happy for the help she received from Naomi from the Liquor Commission in us getting our permit for the auction.

Richard C. is $10 happy.  He ran his car through a car wash without incident.

Sandra W. is $5 happy for her years in the club.

Barbara H. is $10 happy.  Hawaii Public Radio is having their campaign and if we donate $125 today, 25 meals will go to the Foodbasket.

Sharon S. is $5 happy for the assistance Mary gave her with her auction donations.

David D. is $100 happy.  $18 for his years in Rotary, $25 to acknowledge Mary's contribution, $50 for the project at the Boys and Girls Club and just rounding everything out.

John G. is $20 happy to be aboard his new birthday present, a boat, in France.  (We are an international club!)

Mike is $10 happy.  $5 for 5 lambs born without his intervention and $5 to acknowledge Virginia for her work on the Veteran's project.

Art T. is $10 happy and acknowledged David D. club anniversary ($5) and $5 happy that his daughter returned from the mainland on Oct. 15.

Miyuki L. is contributing $15.  $5 that Richard C. has an uneventful carwash and $10 to celebrate her 13 year old cat.

Chester C. is $10 happy for the Halloween event at the Boys and Girls Club.

Preston B. is $10 happy because it is Wednesday!

Joanne H. is $50 happy for all the work Mary has done on the auction.


Folks, we were $335 happy!  Thank you so much for your generosity!


Guest Speaker -- Vocational Speaker -- Misa Saito  

My apologies to Misa -- the club meeting ran amok and we ran out of time for Misa to speak.  Misa has graceously agreed to speak at another meeting.



Next Meeting

  • The next club meeting will be Wednesday, October 28, Speaker is Richard Cunningham showing us pictures of his trip to Africa.
  • The Board of Directors will meet immediately after the regular meeting after a short break.  The meeting will end by 9:00 am.


The Four Way Test  -- Geoli Ng