District Governor outlines RI goals for 2014-15

DG Laura Steelquist got to illustrate one of RI President Gary Huang's goals—to increase membership—at our meeting Wednesday when she inducted our newest member, Paul Agamata.  Paul is a principal of Xceptions Inter-Networking Solutions.
Making her visits to East Hawaii Clubs, DG Laura is carrying Huang's call to increase membership to 1.3 million Rotarians worldwide.  She pointed out that it's been at 1.2 million for too many years.
Laura Steelquist is a member of the East Honolulu Club and  owns  with her husband (Past DG John) Hawaiian Islands Medical, a durable medical equipment company which they operate on the principles of the Four Way Test.
At our meeting she outlined two other world goals Huang has called on Rotarians to embrace—No new cases of polio by the end of 2015, and to involve families in Rotary.
Last year, 194 polio cases were reported in Somalia; this year, there's only been one so far.  "Pakistan is still the problem child," Laura said.  Violence against vaccinators continues there, along with outbreaks of the disease. But world civic and religious leaders are responding and an immunization ring has been thrown up around the country. You can't get in or out without being vaccinated.
District 5000 is trying to do its part (with Gates Foundation matching every dollar with two), but selling novelty mugs that are black until filled with heated liquid; they then display a brilliant lava eruption.  ADG Charlene Meyers reported that already enough mugs have been sold to account of $10,000 in the polio battle, and more mugs are ordered.  (RCHB has sold one case and ordered another of the mugs, that sell for $20, with $10 going to fight polio."
DG Laura told of her experience in Ethiopia helping with polio immunization.  A mother brought her baby in for the two drops.  She asked that "the white one do it."  Laura gave the drops—baby, mother and Laura cried, and mother wrapped up baby and left, for what would be a nearly two hour trek home.  As she went off she turned to wave and smile at Laura—"and changed my life forever."