Posted by Junichi Noumaru on Oct 06, 2019
Important thing comes first. There is no club meeting on Wednesday, October 9. If you come to HYC then, no one would welcome you. 
Thank you so much for pouring your time, talent, expertise and passion into Oktoberfest. I convince most guests enjoyed beer, food, wine, music and distinct atmosphere.
I would like to commend co-chair of the Oktoberfest Committee David De Luz, Jr. and Anita Cunningham for their strong leadership and all Rotarians and volunteers for your professionalism and passion.
This Oktoberfest caused me the same emotion as I had when I attended Oktoberfest for the first time in 2015 soon after Miyuki Lee sponsored me to the club. As soon as I entered the hall, my heart became full of surprise and joy, and I felt as if I were in a beer hall in Bayern or Bavaria in English. 
For me, Hilo Bay Oktoberfest is more than a fundraising event. It is a miracle happening in Hilo and is a virtual trip to Bavaria that I can experience only once a year. I guess many guests have shared similar feeling because they wore German costume that may be used also only once a year. Some might have worn German costume because of their origin, but the most should love to be a part of this fragile dream as a cast. 
After the Oktoberfest was closed at 8:30 p.m., all festivity disappeared quickly and Sangha hall returned to the original condition in just 1.5 hours.
We all got together to make this great dream happen and we did it. We will do it next year. And it is fantastic that we can raise fund to help our community and the world and at the same time entertain ourselves. 
Your feedback to the event is very important for us to make it even better and larger for next year. The Oktoberfest Committee Co-Chair David and Anita will make an announcement for the final counts of the guests and the final revenue after all turn-down work has been done.
Again, I would like to show my sincere appreciation and congratulations to my fellow Rotarians and to all supporters.
Junichi Noumaru