Dear members,
Our club operation has been largely affected by COVID-19. The regular, in-person meeting has been suspended until May 8 and will be replaced with the online meeting.
As many businesses and government services shrink, and as people are asked to stay home, those who need help will increase. What our club can offer should be a lot and we have no time to hibernate. Please join the online meeting and stay connected to the members.
Online meeting
The board decided that the club was going to hold the online meeting every week at 7 a.m. until May 8 for two months from now. The main purpose of the online meeting is to keep the members connected and to keep the club ready to help. At the meeting, we will share what's happening at various organizations and groups in our area, to share ideas about what we can do to help people in need, to plan our actions, and to act what members need help. 
I believe a guest’s talk is an important element of the club meeting to keep you willing to attend and to uplift you. The program chair David DeLuz, Jr. is contacting the guest speakers who are already scheduled to talk and potential speakers. If a guest speaker agrees at giving a talk online, I’ll schedule the talk. We’ll have Rev. Naohiro Hotta from Hilo Daijingu the first guest speaker for our online meeting on March 25.
The agenda of the online meeting will be simplified and focused on the essentials. And the agenda will be adjusted to meet the needs of the members and of the club that will change from time to time.
Instructions on how to connect to the online meeting will be sent to you separately.
RCHB BOD meeting
On March 18, the Board of Directors (BOD) meeting was held at Hilo Yacht Club (HYC) lanai. Seven BOD members joined at HYC and the President Elect Lorraine Davis joined from her home through Zoom. Some attendees carried proxies and the meeting filled the quorum. The following is the summary of discussions for fast distribution and does not constitute the minutes.
The treasurer's report did not include expense regarding RYLA, which will probably appear in the report next month. The report was approved.
As for 2020-2021 officers, directors and chairs, the following positions are still vacant; President Elect Nominee, Vocational Service and Scribing.
Definition of membership and dues were discussed at the last board meeting and this matter has been closed. The minutes of the February BOD meeting says "It was discussed to make the annual dues for Spousal Membership and Associate Membership $132.50 which equals a 50% discount (of a Regular Membership.)"
Request of donations from Waiakea High "Hot Rocks" Robotics Team was discussed. The letter said the donation would be used for the competition costs, travel expenses and the supplies but did not specify how much donation is needed. The letter was written in February and the situation may have changed. That is, the competition and travel may not occur. The club president will talk to Steve Jacunski who is involved in the robotics teams.
Remaining discussion items including the event calendar and online meeting appears in subsequent sections.
Event Calendar
The club president will update the event calendar and will distribute to the members. As the regular in-person meetings are suspended, the attendance at the virtual meetings is considered as a make-up. Bylaws specified wide range of events to which attendance constitutes make-ups, such as another Rotary club's meeting, a club service event, a community service project, or other meeting authorized by the Board. Also participation through a club website in an interactive activity no less than 30 minutes or in the events by Rotary International and the district make up for the regular meeting. This event calendar will include events at which attendance makes up for the regular meeting.
Easy way to help people in need
As many people are losing a job, demand for food becomes high and foods are in shortage at Food Basket. Write a check payable to Food Basket and give it to Sharon Scheele. To help bars, clubs and restaurants, buying the gift certificates is effective in making a cash flow to them. And gift certificates may be used after bars, clubs and restaurants have resumed their business or anytime you become hungry. Although joint projects in April that many Rotarians will be involved in have been cancelled, there should be something that we can make a difference. Since we no longer pay $17 or $20 for breakfast every week, we can just save the amount and use it to help someone.
Communication plan
Was also discussed. As I mentioned earlier, we will move our regular meeting online. Zoom will be used for virtual meetings. We record online meetings and post it on YouTube so that members can make up for the regular meeting by watching the online meeting on YouTube. The club communication plan is attached to this email.
Oktoberfest chair David DeLuz, Jr. mentioned that the tickets will be ready in May for distributions by the members. And we keep the price of the ticket is the same as last year.
RI convention and D5000 district conference
It is very sad but on March 18, cancellation of the Rotary International Convention was officially released. You may have received an email from the RI president. D5000 district conference has been postponed in July 2020. The date is TBD. Go or no-go for the conference in July will be decided in April.
Rotary Work Day for April 25
Cleaning Kuhio Kalanianaole Park (aka. Rotary Centennial Park) as a joint project by East Hawaii clubs has been postponed to a later date. The new date is still TBD.
Thank you.
Junichi Noumaru
2019-2020 Club President